About Mindset + NLP

Mindset is a set of chosen thoughts and beliefs that support your success personally and professionally. A mindset is always chosen, as opposed to a mentality, which is typically inherited.

‘Victim mentality’, for instance, is a perfect example of an inherited collection of thoughts and beliefs that are typically disempowering, the polar opposite of a mindset, which has a sole purpose of empowering the individual who chooses it.

NLP refers to Neuro Linguistic Programming, (Neuro) the human nervous system, including the brain and the five senses, (Linguistic) the verbal & non-verbal languages with which we communicate and (Programming) the ability to structure our neurological and linguistic systems to achieve desired results.

“For me NLP is the psychology of achievement and inter-personal communication” - Chris Howard

There is no one single definition of NLP broad enough to encapsulate the breadth and depth of the subject matter. NLP has as many definitions as there are people practicing it.

I define it in a few ways depending on the task at hand:
– An owners manual for your mind. Vitamins for your brain.
– The science and technology of how our brains experience, process and store information.
– A useful collection of tools for personal development and instantaneous transformation.

History: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed starting in the early 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, when they set out to model the work of geniuses in the field of human communication and change. The term NLP is used to describe both the approach to modelling that they used, and the powerful models of communication and change they created (and have continued to develop.) Source: Jamie Smart

Here are some benefits of using the techniques of NLP:

  • Change your life for the better in a permanent way
  • Feel young, energized and happy no matter what your circumstance or age
  • Achieve transformation in areas that previously eluded you
  • Develop a healthy relationship to your Self,  raise Self Esteem
  • Break free of old programming, and free yourself from blocks
  • Become excited about taking responsibility for your self and your life
  • Learn permanent tools to keep you choosing Self Responsibility
  • Improved health, clean energy, ability to focus
  • Overcome limiting mentality, sabotaging behavior, victim mentality
  • Remove negative attitudes and negative thought patterns
  • Shift your perspective on the world, your self and your life, and others
  • Better inter-personal relationships both at home and at work
  • Communication skills are improving every day
  • Improve your ability to understand others
  • Build better and more productive inter-personal reslationships
  • Feel confident and comfortable in all situations
  • Gain the ability to stay calm and collected in chaotic situations
  • Replace limiting beliefs and undesirable behaviors with more useful ones
  • Set clearly defined life goals that are realistic, that come to fruition on time
  • Learn to quickly and easily supercharge your motivation and confidence
  • Reduce or permanently remove irrational fears and phobias
  • Remove cravings for things that are bad for you

These are only a few benefits, [there are countless] all of which I have personally experienced since I began to study and practice Mindset + NLP.

I look forward to sharing this powerful technology of transformation with you…