The basis of my work lies in using your previous life experiences to
• re-connect you to your spirit
• cultivate deep peace, gratitude and forgiveness
• guide you to becoming present to your current status and purpose
• get crystal clear on what you want to create in your life
• envision your ideal future in a way that attracts it to you

Together, we uncover old perspectives and patterns that are no longer serving you, and replace them with ones that are in alignment with who you are as a soul, your authentic self. Sessions take holistic consideration, addressing you and your life from the four quadrants of: Self, Food, Money, Love

Private Sessions

Available in person (NY + LA), over the phone or Skype. Email here to submit an inquiry including what you are interested in doing from the list below + we will be in touch within 12 hours to schedule an informational call and your first session.

The following private options are available now…

Clarity Call: $108

Clarity call is ideal to support your self study when you want to get a better idea of “where you are” through a guided assessment. It’s also perfect as a follow up to a single session or to any workshops I offer, when you need clarity on which tools you can use, guidance and support in reference to things that came up during our session or the group workshop. Includes an optional 100 point holistic Life Assessment. ( 40 minutes )

Single Session : $215

The single session is ideal for you if you like to work with someone periodically or once or twice a month, to become aware of and transform old patterns, beliefs and ways of thinking using the powerful tools and principles of NLP. Ideal if you have a nagging issue that you urgently need to resolve. (90 minutes)

One Week Intensive : $560

One Week Private Intensive designed to breakthrough a block ASAP.
Ideal if you have a nagging issue that you are urgently ready to resolve.
* Especially designed for Creatives + Entrepreneurs

3 Private Sessions +  Optional 100 point Holistic Self and Life Evaluation
-Monday session: Gain Clarity (45 minutes)
-Wednesday session: Custom NLP Session (90 minutes)
-Friday session: New Vision (45 minutes)

Monthly Sessions : $395 Option | $1240 Option

$395 Option
Includes Optional 100 point Holistic Self and Life Evaluation
3- 40 minute One-on-One Mindset Sessions
Email Support with up to 2 ‘insight’ responses per month

$1240 Option
Includes 100 point Holistic Self and Life Evaluation
2- Clarity Calls – one to plan the month, then one followup
3- NLP 90 minute Breakthrough Sessions
Email Support with up to one ‘insight’ response per week


In addition to NLP, Tancie has spent over 14 years in the health and wellness arena, believes in a holistic approach to change, and supports non-pharmcutical healing when possible. She is an advocate of essential oils for daily wellness and for using whole world botanicals to assist our body and brain chemistry to balance naturally. Tancie is deeply respectful of ancient tribal wisdom and has been knows to draw on shamanic prayer for transformation and guidance of herself and her clients. She has been a regular yoga practitioner for over 14 years, has a daily meditation practice, and personally uses and encourages others to explore mantra, affirmation and kirtan chanting. While a deep advocate of spiritual ritual, Tancie also has a solid background in traditional fitness and nutrition coaching, detoxes and cleanses regularly and has explored and spent time practicing every type of food ’style’ there is, from carnivore to vegetarian to raw foodist to liquiterian. Is that a word? Haha… You get the picture. Read more here…


 * Sessions cancelled within less than 24 hours will result in full charge. Missed sessions may be rescheduled if notice is received within more than 24 hours, for the same week or the following week only. Refunds on purchases are not offered. Sessions expire within 60 days of purchase unless otherwise nogotiated.