Where is our mentality come from?

If life is not turning out like you thought there’s got to come a point where you begin to question your internal strategy – your mind and your attitude, mentality.  Continue reading VICTIM MENTALITY



– be clear on exactly what happened, literally, facts only
– get good at noticing what is fact and what is story
– be open to the possibility of the most favorable outcome



A fixed way of being –
A persistent complaint -

….out of a reaction to a real or imagined threat. 

PAYOFFS                                                      COSTS
being right/making them wrong                  love/intimacy
dominate/avoid being dominated               vitality / well being
justify yourself / invalidate others                   self expression / grace
Win/Loose                                                  Satisfaction / Fulfillment


Step one get clear on the area are you are experiencingColin

  • Loss of power
    Lack of authentic expression
    There is an inauthenticity happening

Ex: my rel with Tiffany years ago
– What possibilities can I see with my sister?

The possibility of having an mutually empowered relationship.

Premise–I am beautiful whole love and complete and perfect now

Inauthentic–Where I have not told the truth/To say or do something but in reality I am something else

Example–I give to you because I care about your being love and having well-being in reality I want you to love me

1.What can I see about how I am being with my sister?
needy, trying to care take, anxious, disempowered, lack confidence, I judge her and expect her to make my life work

2. How does that leave her?
I feel she is jealous of me, Competitive with me, wants more attention and love and I get, She is selfish, she hates me, and she avoids me

3. Now what is possible?
I can share how it’s been, I can share what I am now creating
I’ve felt neglected, competed with, super negative vibes from you.
What I’m creating is a separate life. My own good fortune.




Adjust Your Attitude

Is your day day today grind wearing you down? Every morning repeat for one or more of these mantras, say them often enough, you just might start to have a more pleasurable path.

No.1 Happy people are loving. Fearful people are busy with other things.

No.2 The secret to happiness is not in events, but it is in my response to events.

No.3 The way I choose to see the world creates the world I see.

No.4 If I look only for what I expect to see, I’ll miss all the other flowers in the garden.

No.5 I’ll invite into my life only what I really want.

No.6 All dreams seem impossible until I make that happen.