Clear Your Path To Love

Love. May we see it for it’s many functions, beyond our shallow perception that it is merely here to comfort and adore us.

Today’s blog post is a Lesson and step-by-step Ritual to shift your perspective on all the loves who have come before, so that you may recognize and appreciate […]

Feel Good On Purpose

Creating in alignment with what you want is about one thing – FEELING GOOD.

Feeling good on purpose is about reconnecting to that place inside of us that feels deserving of what we want. To the natural power that lives within us that causes us to be alive, our life force, […]

What is Self Responsibility?

Self Responsibility Is The New Rich. It means to become RICH from the inside out. When an individual takes full responsibility for their existence they can attain anything on earth that they truly desire, therefore, the resourcefulness of their personal power is beyond the limitations of mere financial gain. “Let everyone sweep in front of […]

Ancient Blessings In NYC : The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Top Photo: Tancie Trail My girlfriend Christine and I were lucky enough to volunteer for a super sacred event at Urban Zen here in New York last Friday night, “An Evening Of Blessings With The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers”. I heard the title of the event and instantly was like “sign […]

Check Out My Dream Week + Wellness News Updates

Wow! What a dream last week was for me! Seriously, if I could have hand picked every moment of last week I would have, yet I did no planning at all and the absolute most divine week unfolded for me.

Check it out…

Monday- I had a great flight […]