- H E A L I N G – 1/31/17

When I give myself what I want I beat the chatter.



Keep Moving: even a 15 min walk after lunch or dinner

Limit Starch: 100g/day or less (ex. bananna or .5 cup of rice is 30 carbs)

More Fats: load up on healthy fats throughout […]

Forever Young: Mindful Nutrition

When you choose a Self-Improvement Lifestyle, every single day ushers in a new opportunity to gently improve your self [body mind spirit] and your life in some small way. One of the foundations of this type of lifestyle is mindful nutrition.

Mindful nutrition means to be aware or ‘mindful’ of what […]

Check Out My Dream Week + Wellness News Updates

Wow! What a dream last week was for me! Seriously, if I could have hand picked every moment of last week I would have, yet I did no planning at all and the absolute most divine week unfolded for me.

Check it out…

Monday- I had a great flight […]

21 Day Detox

I am a huge fan of the 21 Day Detox and have done it twice, and continue to repeat the detox two times per year or anytime I am feeling toxic and need a definitive health boost.

Buy it here > 21 Day Detox Kit $149.95

Quantity Options Buy 1 Detox […]

Fruits & Veggies

Taking responsibility for ourselves includes, in large part, what we put into our selves. Growing up in Southern Louisiana, I was exposed to many delicious cultural dishes that, as it turns out, were not necessarily all that healthy [bummer]. I mean, who knew that spinach could be eaten in ways other than in […]