Think the better feeling thought.

Today’s post is a quick reminder that we live in a perpetual state of choice/creation as well as 5 Action Steps to use to choose/create things that feel good.

Wether conscious of it or not, you are continually making choices through the thoughts you hold moment to moment that result in […]

You Are A Visionary, Aren’t You?

I believe you were born to become the most powerful person you know. I believe…


Successful people have a very specific belief system. They also have an ability to envision their lives, themselves and their futures in a way that brings […]

Do Life Right

A moment ago, while making lunch, I noticed I was in the greatest flow. All of my moves were purposeful, my breath was wide and deep, my mind was present and relaxed as I was choosing super healthy foods.¬†Appreciating this, I said to myself, “wow, see how easy it can be when you […]