Adjust Your Attitude

Is your day day today grind wearing you down? Every morning repeat for one or more of these mantras, say them often enough, you just might start to have a more pleasurable path.

No.1 Happy people are loving. Fearful people are busy with other things.

No.2 The secret to happiness is not in events, but it is in my response […]



Smoke drink lowering by vibration as I try to increase

I believe I have a need for Harm and stress. I learned this long ago and I am on learning it now

I know longer have a need for harm and stress I know longer have a need to harm […]

Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Towel

I heard this about a year ago from a bikram yoga instructor during a class in New York City. Thank god I did. It changed my life.

Bikram yoga, for those of you who don’t know, is a 90 minute series of yoga postures performed in a room heated to about 105 degrees […]

Ancient Blessings In NYC : The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Top Photo: Tancie Trail My girlfriend Christine and I were lucky enough to volunteer for a super sacred event at Urban Zen here in New York last Friday night, “An Evening Of Blessings With The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers”. I heard the title of the event and instantly was like “sign […]

Your Beliefs About Yourself are Controlling Your Destiny

Today’s post is from a fantastic writer who I really enjoy – Harrison Barnes. I’ve cut my favorite chunks from his article and have shared it here. Just by simply reading Harrisons work your paradigm can shift for the better. I suggest that for this article, you sit upright in a chair, feet […]