Step one get clear on the area are you are experiencingColin

Loss of power Lack of authentic expression There is an inauthenticity happening

Ex: my rel with Tiffany years ago – What possibilities can I see with my sister?

The possibility of having an mutually empowered relationship.

Premise–I am beautiful whole love and complete and […]

Adjust Your Attitude

Is your day day today grind wearing you down? Every morning repeat for one or more of these mantras, say them often enough, you just might start to have a more pleasurable path.

No.1 Happy people are loving. Fearful people are busy with other things.

No.2 The secret to happiness is not in events, but it is in my response […]


Call with diana : i am in my core wounded self today

Self Abandoning Needless + Wantless Co-Dependant

Rather than run out and look for the quick or slow and painful fix, just slow down, stop and get present and begin to identify these patterns in their tracks. Watch yourself, slow down and […]

- H E A L I N G – 1/31/17

When I give myself what I want I beat the chatter.



Keep Moving: even a 15 min walk after lunch or dinner

Limit Starch: 100g/day or less (ex. bananna or .5 cup of rice is 30 carbs)

More Fats: load up on healthy fats throughout […]



Smoke drink lowering by vibration as I try to increase

I believe I have a need for Harm and stress. I learned this long ago and I am on learning it now

I know longer have a need for harm and stress I know longer have a need to harm […]