Feel Good On Purpose

Creating in alignment with what you want is about one thing – FEELING GOOD.

Feeling good on purpose is about reconnecting to that place inside of us that feels deserving of what we want. To the natural power that lives within us that causes us to be alive, our life force, our inner calm, relaxation, all knowing, confident solid unshakable inner self. Our truth.

We are creative beings, creating is not something we have to sit around trying to do. It is automatic, like breathing. We are constantly creating all day long. To be a living + breathing is to be creating. By definition, a creation is…

So – in actuality – a creation is clearly ‘what is brought into existence’ in someone’s life and reality. Creation is what we create. And what we specifically create in the world comes from our internal state, ideas, desires, goals, strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, actions, habits…

Because I am alive, and therefore a being that is constantly ‘creating’ I could deduce that – creating is the outcome; direct response to; or the work of my inner most Self – the presence in me – that calls forth all that shows up in my life, originating at the level of thought. All that I desire, don’t desire, think about, harp on and even the surprises that come that are more than I can ever have imagined are creations on my behalf based on what I am constantly affirming in my own mind-body-spirit system.

“Every thought is an affirmation. Good or bad.” – Gabby B

Since our thoughts are the seeds of our words, and our words the seeds for our actions, it is our thoughts that we look to when we want to gain insight into our selves, especially when we want to achieve a different result from our current reality. A keen awareness of our thoughts allows us to discover and evolve core beliefs that no longer serve us. It also allows us to shift stray thoughts into more productive ones that hold a higher more directed energy, or vibration.

Creating what we desire takes HIGH ENERGY + GOOD VIBRATIONS.

So, today I want to remind you how important it is to feel good. Seriously. When you attach feeling good to something  you want to create in your life, you get out of the way and allow great things to show up for you. Feeling good should not be considered a luxury, it should be considered your daily duty. High, good energy attracts high, good experiences. Low dull difficult energy attracts, you guessed it, low difficult experiences. Each time you allow your energy to dip, into indulgent emotional lows, you call into your reality low vibe experiences. If what you are wanting is to reach new, higher levels of success in life, then indulging in the lows is probably not going to work for you.

What if I have a bad day?

You can acknowledge the lows when they show up, without judgement, since they are a part of life, but the key is to have your emotions without collapsing into them. Keeping your intention, daily, moment to moment, on getting back to a place that feels GOOD. Feel what is to be felt fully when it presents itself – and move ON! Commit to feeling good and you will attract more of what it is you desire in your life. Indulge in doldrums and all you do is make it harder for the ‘good stuff’ ( job, love, friends, adventures) to find you – cause it can’t lower itself to meet you – cause it’s GOOD STUFF.


* Keep moving. Rest when needed, otherwise Get up – Get out – Get moving!
* Energy in motion stays in motion and attracts high level experiences.
* Remember how important it is to FEEL GOOD all the time, it’s your duty.
* Think the better feeling thought. Commit to this and you can’t help but feel good.
* Only say yes to things that you really want to do, things that will feel good.
* Practice listening in to see what feels best – then do that.


“Be ‘in the know’ regardless of how the outside world looks – unapologetically.” _ Gabby B

The confidence associated with having the ‘energy’ of the desire within you in advance of getting it allows you to be ‘in the know’ about the thing you desire. If you are generating the energy associated with having it in you, and can feel it on a cellular level, you have it, you own it, you know it like you know it – then the universe will re-arrange itself to provide it to you. This is nothing personal, nor the Universe playing favorites. It’s just energy doing it’s thing, so by nature it has to bring what you resonate with to you, cause that’s how energy moves. Like attracts like.

It is impossible for you to attract that with which you do not vibe.

If you want something deeply, yet can not seem to generate that deep knowing about it, you have a block. No bigs, it’s all a part of your evolution. Start where you are. Affirm where you are by finding words that speak clearly to your top priority in a way that you believe, words that bring about a rush of sensation or subtle recognition with them. As this new affirmation becomes true for you inside, and then in the outside world in an authentic and permanent way, move onto a next level affirmation. State the next level of your chosen top priority, again, in words that resonate with you and stay with this new affirmation until you see it being true for you in the outside world. Always affirm something that’s easy to believe, that your ego will not likely argue with, so it will allow what you affirm to become more and more true for you, thereby creating the mental environment and foundation needed to support the new belief. So we can say that, creating is being in the know, regardless of how your outside world looks, 1000% and unapologetically until you see the outside world shift to accommodate this, then be gracious, and go to the next level.

Feeling good authentically is a KEY that brings all that you desire into your life.

When we choose a spiritual path, our system has a way of forcing us to be authentic as a means to advance to the next level. Tests and assignments are sent our way at each level, and weather we pass/fail all depends on our willingness to stay present to the test at hand as it relates to our top priority. We will never advance to the next level of any priority until we clear out any clutter that is in the foundation. Otherwise, the goal may be achieved on a superficial level, will be fleeting and not sustainable. Identify core beliefs and blocks as they arise, and ask what gifts + benefits you may have originally gotten from this belief, then actively let it go, replacing it with a more aligned belief. Rinse and repeat – as this may take several attempts to stick – but it will if you are committed. Taking the time to do the work, and love yourself through the necessary process of life will bring forth foundation and lasting personal growth and change.

If you are not feeling good, look not at how you feel, but at what are you thinking.

Feel cluttered, well what are you thinking? List our all of the unproductive beliefs that are on a thought loop for you in relation to a goal, and work through each one. Challenge it. Identify where it may have come from. Thank it for being a part of your mind up until now, let it release and replace it with a more productive belief. IN FACT a great tool to use here is to list out all the negative ones you discover then take a moment to actively let go of that list ( delete it, tear it up, burn it), then list out all the New more productive ones, and read it each morning and each night from bed.

Unless it’s in you it won’t be around you. 

Bring the energy of what you want into your body FIRST – then want it. Not the other way around. Unless and until it’s in you – in your inner life, it won’t be around you in your outer life. I sometimes don’t let myself think of certain goals when I am in a crappy mood. I want to protect the container I am establishing for that goal from having any clutter in it. So, I will instead make time to enter into a clear and clean space, in private, where I can have the freedom and space to visualize, and feel the goals in my body. This way I am sure to manifest the goal from a clear channel with clean energy. If the manifestation comes in wishy-washy, or lopsided, or only 80% as I intended, my work is to become precisely aware of what came in, and how it came in, and what  I then need to do to tweak my channel or energy to clear up any clutter that effected the resulting manifestation.

But what if my issues are… ‘Special’? 

One major way our energy or ‘channel’ of creation can get cluttered is by believing that our struggles, or past, our worries, our limitations are real. This is our ego, and it’s seductive way of trying to keep you where you are at. We are born limitless yet we become programmed by our ego’s to believe in our limitations and stay where we are. The ego (false self) is more comfortable this way, and bases it’s identity on false truths derived from experiences, so it makes total sense that the ego wants to keep you from change – it’s life is at risk! One of the most seductive tools of the ego is to  make your particular struggles MORE SPECIAL than everyone else. You ego will hear positive messages, and will challenge them with facts and figures to continually prove that sure, that might work for some people, but not for me because of who I am and what I have been through. ” My pain is special.” The ego will try to make your issues feel imperveous and sustainable. Well I am here to do you a favor today if you are willing to accept it. (Notice if you feel insulted or relieved.) Here this:

NO ISSUES ARE SPECIAL. Your issues are equal or relative to everyone else’s issues when it comes down to how you choose to live your life. Your pain and struggle is not ‘Special’.  In the eyes of the laws of the universe, it does not matter what you have endured nor what you plan to put yourself through next – the energy of struggle is struggle no matter what and the choice to self generate energy that will feel good brings about more energy of feeling good no matter what. Having a great life and making the most of your self is a CHOICE.

Every day of your life is all up to you. 

I write this from a place of love and care more about you getting it than anything else. Get it. And pass it on. You know who needs to hear this too! Life is a process and creation is constant. Allowing yourself to FEEL GOOD ON PURPOSE is the act of directing your thoughts, actions, and behaviors wisely in accordance with what you want to create.

Remember: Until it’s in you it won’t be around you.

What came up for you when I told you that your issues are not special. Did a part of you feel defensive, as in ‘she does not know me and what I have been through’. If so I’d love to invite you to share below, and let us  know if you can see that even you can choose to let go and be authentically well, happy and powerful.

Share this post with friends + let me know how this has supported you. Commenting helps you get the message on a cellular level – I’d love to hear from you…


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  • Josie

    This is a great message which I’ve been hearing more lately but your words truly nail it on the head for me. Thank you for writing succinctly and connecting the dots for me I’m glad that I stumbled upon your blog (upon a link from Marie’s blog you had commented on), though it’s been over a year since this post was up. Love your words and works of passion! I hope to read your upcoming posts soon. xo

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