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A big part of my life and what I am about is pursuing work that expresses what my spirit wants to express.

Initially, I left home at age 20 and moved to The Big Apple on a one way ticket to pursue a career as a film actress. I’ll tell you more about that journey another day. Years later, I found myself working on film sets as part of the behind-the-scenes¬†production teams in Los Angeles. While this work was lots of fun, challenging and had a career path that was desirable to me, something deep within me was not satisfied.

How I knew I was unsatisfied was that my spirit kept acing up. I’d have bouts of anxiety, depressed days, loss of appetite, loss of interest in things, outburst of anger and sadness, binge drinking. I was stuck in destructive, poor-me victim mode. My inner dialogue was getting increasingly painful to listen to and impossible to ignore until one day, about two years ago, I snapped.

I got into a huge knock down drag out argument with my supervisor and walked off set in the middle of a really big job. I drove home in a fit of tears, exhausted, and an absolute physical, mental and emotional mess. Once home I walked into my room and, before falling to pieces, heard a message loud and clear:

“It is time to change how your spirit does business in the world.”

I fell into bed, feeling sick to my bones, and in that moment completely let go of the pursuit of money. I just stopped. Surrendered. It was clear to me that I was not going at this in a way that was sustainable, not to my spirit. And if you’re spirit is not on board, well, you get the picture. It was time for me to open to my “life’s purpose”.

This was a struggle for me because I am skeptical of all things GRAND and FINAL. Things like ‘the one’ and ‘soulmate’ and ‘life purpose’. These phrases suggest something that goes against a fundamental belief of mine. The belief that life is meaningless. And that life, a relationship, a job, my actions, etc will only ever absorb the meaning of which I assign to it — so I can create whatever I want or find meaningful. There is not one way for my life to go, not one person for me to find on all of the earth, not one job for me to magically discover.

Then it hit me. That is the exact point.
We have infinite choice, and this is the purpose of a
life’s purpose.

Our purpose can shift and evolve as we do, unless it doesn’t. When we deny, ignore or numb out our purpose, we force our spirits into submission. This will fly for a while, but sooner or later things will fall apart. Unless and until we find the space within ourselves to do business in a way that is appropriate for us to express ourselves in the world, our spirit will be suppressed.

I set forth from that day forward to find my purpose, or more accurately, to find what meaning I wanted to assign to my life.

Recently, while journaling, I discovered that I longed to work within my family business. Now, my family does not have a ‘family business’ for me to work in, so this longing was coming from somewhere else. Some other knowing. Maybe this was insight into a good life-partner for me, someone who owned his own business, that I could have a role in. This sounded nice, but I felt more needed to be revealed.

As I looked deeper at where this may be coming from, and what was attracting me to it, I realized I have always held working for a ‘family business’ in the highest regard for a few qualities that it represented to me:

  • a position within a family business held a definitive place within the world
  • a feeling of innate value and worth within the family community
  • a built-in hierarchy that I could respect
  • guidance that I could trust
  • leadership from the elders
  • new births would be celebrated as new talent for the family business!
  • the men’s roles are clearly considered and defined, with elbow room
  • the women’s roles are clearly considered and defined, with elbow room
  • the greater good of the whole/family is at the center of the business plan
  • respect is taught, understood and learned
  • it instigates a regal lineage, giving the family power within one another
  • the morals, values and status of what the family believes in and what the family
    is good at is honored, celebrated, preserved and expanded upon

Today, as I re-read my journal entry something magnificent and profound dawned on me.

Working within our souls purpose IS our way of working for the ‘family business’. WOW.

Seeing as how we are all related, we are all family, when we give our lives over to work from a place within ourselves that will consistently call us forth to live from our spirits, the list above is instantly granted. We are working for family.

Allow yourself to receive the magnitude and perfect simplicity of the above statement.

Let your body know that you got it. Now take a moment to re-read the list. Imagine if you were [or are] doing your dream job, and how the list syncs up and applies to you. Now re-read the list from the perspective of your current work, and how your spirit is currently doing business in the world. If the list still rings true to you, chances are you are on the right track to expressing yourself and earning money through the clean and clear channel of your spirit.

If not, you have choice. There are ways to either evolve your current position to fulfill your spirit, or transition to an entirely new vocation that will allow you to rearrange how your spirit does business in the world.

Having the experience of getting to work within a fulfilling and life evolving realm is not exclusive to some, but is available to everyone alive. Through Victim to Visionary, I will share the exact steps that I have taken over the past two years to completely transform my life and job from one of victim hood into visionary, one where my spirit soars daily.

To learn more about this, and how you can evolve your life and work to live within your purpose – as you define it, get on the early interest list.

Please share this now.

We all know people who can use messages like these. Your sharing allows me and my message | spirit, to reach as many people as possible. This is vital — So thank you!

Leave comments for me below to share your experiences around your work, how does your spirit do business in the world… and what does your spirit have to say about it….?

Yes, you! I want hear from you specifically. Get to it …

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  • Tancie, I am so incredibly proud of you! And especially honored that you would share your gifts with us. I will absolutely share this with EVERYONE whether I know them or not! Your self discoveries inspire my own, and I am forever grateful for you. XOXO

    • Tancie


      Thanks so much for your comment! I appreciate your continuous support + love.
      About 4 months ago Krisna witnessed me standing in front of a room of about 80 people expressing my desire to launch this blog. That day I shared that I had about 60 ‘drafts’ of blog posts that I had not published, partly because I did want to be seen.

      Today — I am super happy to say, that mental block and many others to fulfilling my purposeful, meaningful-to-me life have moved OUT of my way, thanks to some fascinating work that I continue to do daily. This very work is what I will be covering in my upcoming Visionary program.

      If you are reading this and it’s resonating for you know that you have found this post for a reason. There are no mistakes. Get on my ‘early interest’ list here and I look forward to hearing what you want to create in the world!

  • Tancie… So much Love for you!
    You have a gift as to how you express yourself and share you experiences with the world. This blog will touch the hearts of many and inspire them to breakthrough their challenges and while being focused on the Big Goal – Service, Fulfillment, and Joy!

    You are a Leader!


    • Tancie

      Thank you Howard! You are making my inner ‘bad ass’ blush! haha

      — so nice to hear compliments and support from someone who I know is so dedicated and committed to excellence.
      Much light and love to you — and for all of us — ONWARD!! xo

  • Shelby

    Good article. Thank you.

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