Your Beliefs About Yourself are Controlling Your Destiny

Today’s post is from a fantastic writer who I really enjoy – Harrison Barnes. I’ve cut my favorite chunks from his article and have shared it here. Just by simply reading Harrisons work your paradigm can shift for the better. I suggest that for this article, you sit upright in a chair, feet flat on the floor and do a few rounds of breathing before you begin. Allow yourself to really receive the powerful truths. Please share your thoughts by commenting below. Link to original article below.

For every story about someone who is poorly off,
there is a story about someone who is doing well.

You need to understand that there are vast differences in the world about how people experience and react to the world. What makes this central idea so exciting is that what happens to us is entirely within our control, if we are willing to “go deep” and understand what it is inside of us that is controlling how we experience the world.

What I am concerned about specifically is your beliefs.

Your beliefs control how you experience and interact with the world. Due to our early life experiences, almost all of us develop beliefs about who we are and our relationship to the world. The significance of these beliefs is that our beliefs end up creating our experience of life and the world around us.

The experiences we have of life, the circumstances we find ourselves in and the results we achieve are all related to the beliefs that we adopt about ourselves.

The reason this occurs is because we all do what we need to in order to create consistency between

• our lives
• and what happens to us
• and our beliefs.

This is a profoundly important statement and something that if you really grasp it can change your life, your career and your destiny forever.

One of the most powerful needs people have is for their experience of the world to be consistent with what they believe. The drive for this is so incredibly strong that people will do almost everything to be right about their beliefs and will do this even when being right means they will suffer, be unhappy or experience failure.

We all have beliefs and these beliefs are about a variety of different things. These beliefs could be such things as:

  • Every time we apply ourselves we are likely to fail.
  • Every time we get close to people they will disappoint us.
  • We will only be loved when we need something or are sick.
  • Success is for other people and not for us.
  • We are not important.
  • We do not fit in.

Most people in the world are literally operating on auto pilot, based on beliefs about themselves they do not even know that they have. Everyone has an internal map of reality and this map is creating life and experiences. These beliefs are affecting us on a daily basis whether we want them to or not. We hold many beliefs to be true that end up creating our experience of life. Something that can change your entire life and career is when you realize the following:

You are the creator of whatever happens to you. Whatever happens to you is coming from inside of you. Everything that is happening to you is being generated inside of yourself–even if you cannot see this. The key to a successful career and life is to stop resisting what is happening to you and start choosing what to believe about the world to create the life you want.

Once you understand this statement your life as you know it and your ability to control what happens to you in your life will change. Understanding this statement and working with this statement is something the most successful people in the world are able to do and the least successful people in the world are not.

In effect, the most successful people in the world choose what to believe about themselves and the world. I would estimate that less than 1 in 1,000 people understand this. Even fewer people are able to make this work for there own benefit.

People attract the sorts of situations and create the sorts of lives that make them right about their beliefs. You are doing the same thing right now with your life and your career.

We actually make our worst fears come true by perceiving people and the world in such a way that these things do come true. The point is that we manipulate our surroundings and unconsciously shape the events occurring around us so that we get to be right about what we believe about the world.

We want to create consistency between our beliefs about the world and our lives. Almost everyone out there wants nothing more than to be right and will do whatever is necessary to make sure their beliefs coordinate with what is happening to them.

When I was younger I used to stop and chat with the homeless people on the street at length. In many cases they have severe substance abuse problems and in other cases they have severe psychological issues such as schizophrenia. Nevertheless, a good portion of these people have nothing wrong with them biochemically. Many also do not have any serious substance abuse problems. Instead, their issue appears to be how they think about themselves.

Their beliefs about themselves are controlling their destinies.

This has always been the issue with them. They feel worthless, they believe they are incapable of good, they believe they are incapable of being loved, they have beliefs about money that disempower them. When you pass these unfortunate people standing on the side of the road, know that most of the problems they have are caused by deeply held beliefs that they have used to consistently disempower themselves. This is the same reason you are not reaching your full potential.

Your beliefs about yourself are controlling what is happening to you.

Regardless of who you are, this problem affects all of us–it is just in different degrees. On a personal level, I have spent that past 20+ years of my life uncovering and exploring my beliefs about myself and seeing if these beliefs empower me or hold me back. I would like to challenge you to do the same thing today. You need to manage your mind and understand how your beliefs about yourself, the world and the people around you are contolling your destiny.

Read original post by Harrison Barnes here. So many people need to be freed from limiting thoughts. Please share this on facebook now using the button below and also leave a comment here sharing your thoughts – I love hearing from you!



Ready to get off the mouse wheel and do what you can right now to identify beliefs that bind you, and move to evolve them into beliefs that attract your joyful life?

#1. On a sheet of paper write out the following categories

My Self –
Food –
Money –
Love -

#2. Next take a moment to think about each category and state one goal you have in each. The goal should be something that will bring you JOY – not necessarily something that you think you ‘should’ do. For example:

My Self –  to take time out to relax and read leisurely a few nights a week
Food – to plan more nourishing cultural activities that feed my spirit
Money – to hang out with my finances, flirt and fall in love with my financial future
Love – to call friends and family to connect 5 times per week!

#3. Now, make a new list below this one as you re-read each sentence from step #2 and write the first thing that comes up as to why you are not doing each thing. For example:

My Self – I have no time to relax.
Food – None of my friends will want to go.
Money – I hate dealing with money.
Love – They don’t want to hear from me.

#4. Finally, decide what you will THINK and BELIEVE instead and every time you have the impulse to do these or any other things you enjoy, INSERT the NEW BELIEF and engage in the joyful behavior. Trust me – it is this simple. The hardest part about this simple behavior modification will be your own inner laziness. YOU’VE GOTTA DO IT!

My joyful belief system now becomes:

My Self – I have plenty of time to, and do, relax daily.
Food – I have interesting friends who love exploring cultural events with me.
Money – I love money. Money is love.
Love – My family and friends love me, love to hear from me and need to hear my voice.


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