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A moment ago, while making lunch, I noticed I was in the greatest flow. All of my moves were purposeful, my breath was wide and deep, my mind was present and relaxed as I was choosing super healthy foods. Appreciating this, I said to myself, “wow, see how easy it can be when you commit to do life right“.

To me, doing life right means being aligned with my highest good, freely choosing to take the absolute best care of myself, 100% of the time.

Easier said than done? Maybe. I believe, deep down, we all know how to do this, how to love ourselves, how to think positively, to love others, how to be happy and how to achieve success. Yet – when old programming is in control – choosing it is a different story.

Arriving at this moment has been a long time coming for me. While I’ve always maintained good exercise habits, I’ve struggled with mind and spirit, spending years with un-checked negative mental loops, emotional highs and lows and dismissing my spiritual practices.

Alignment, or congruency, is when our thoughts, words and actions unite purposefully, causing our life to flow easily and with less effort.

Lately, taking the absolute best care of myself is coming naturally to me. With the shifts I’ve made using NLP, doing life right is becoming my norm. I’m surrendered into alignment and as things come up that attempt to take me off center, I take gentle action to return to that natural alignment. It’s amazing.

I’ve learned that when we commit to do life right things simplify. Perceived obstructions disappear and our productivity leaps. Our minds quiet down, cause there are way less options being discussed up there about what choices to make.

The highest choice is the choice.

Feeling the power of those three words, I decided to google it and what I found echoed my point to the max!

Enter Teagan who, for the purpose of this post, lives in a website called Do Life Right. Seriously. This little girl is so congruent, and aligned, and in such an un-obstructed FLOW that her beautiful little being can 1) solve a rubix cube, 2) while hoola hooping, and 3) rocking a balerina outfit 4) all in under 2 minutes, 5) with grace and ease.


She is fantastic. You have got to check her out. She is actually dressed for her dance recital, so she pulls all this off while keeping immaculate, stage and camera ready.

Now, no I’ve never solved a rubix cube, in a balerina costume, while hoola hooping all day let alone in under 2 minutes, but lately with the flow I’ve got going on, and after watching Teagan, I feel like I can!

Watch the video. Let it inspire you this coming week and always, to simply and choose to do life right.

Repeat those three words to yourself when making decisions, when choosing what to eat, when to exercise, how to treat yourself, your business, and others.

Deep down, in the cells of your being you know how, just let yourself remember. And when you do, take a moment to catch yourself doing life right and let me know about it below…↓

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