Think the better feeling thought.

Today’s post is a quick reminder that we live in a perpetual state of choice/creation as well as 5 Action Steps to use to choose/create things that feel good.

Wether conscious of it or not, you are continually making choices through the thoughts you hold moment to moment that result in your day/mood/results/experience of life.

A great personal success practice is to stay conscious or ‘aware’ of your thoughts throughout the day so that you may steer them in the positive or ‘better feeling’ direction.

This is especially important when there is uncertainty about something in your life, since your attitude or energy toward that which has yet to exist will alter the outcome of it based on how you perceived it while you co-created it.

Like ‘glass half empty vs. half full’. How you choose to think about it determines exactly what experience you’ll have of it.

The choice is always yours. The benefits from making a regular practice of thinking the better feeling thought are endless. But you must practice it! No matter what your life is like or who you are, steering your thoughts toward the positive must be chosen consciously and repeatedly in order to experience sustainable personal success in any area. This practice will bring the same results no matter who you are – busy or lazy. The laws of the universe do not discriminate. Scientific Fact : like attracts like. And in this context, ‘like’ means the center of every bit of matter and it’s energetic vibration – so the energetic vibration that your thoughts carry will be the equivalent energetic vibration that you attract.

SO, when you think the better feeling thought you purposely choose to FEEL BETTER than how you may have felt had you thought something of a lesser vibration. And in turn, you will attract an outcome aligned with the better feeling!


Grab your notebook… and remember, with this and all of my Action Steps please commit to catching the first responses that comes to mind at all times and write those down.

No. 1 – Think of an area in your life that is currently uncertain. Write three sentences to describe the scenario.

No. 2 – Tune in to become aware of the ‘thought loop’ are you in about it. Usually your thought loop will be repeating a statement or question about the uncertainty to yourself.

No. 3 – If you are making a statement about the uncertainty, write this statement down. If you are asking a question repeatedly, notice if you are also providing an answer. If so, write these down.

No. 4 – Now read what you’ve witten in step 3, take a few deep breaths, then notice how the thoughts you are choosing/creating about the uncertainty are making you feel. Chances are, if this has been left unchecked until this exercise, the default thoughts that your mind is choosing will be negative, because most of us have been imprinted to respond negatively to uncertainty.

No. 5 – Now – imagine the absolute best outcome, and form a sentence that reframes the uncertainty into certain terms that feel authentically good to think about. Commit to purposely shift to this new ‘better feeling thought’ each time the issue arrises in mind.

Once you get the hang of this, it can be easily used in every single area of your life, moment to moment, daily. From catching a cab to getting a good parking spot at the mall. Thinking positively and feeling good about the outcome of something in advance can most certainly cause your ideal outcome to occur. And the best part is, when you do your part and think thoughts that feel good, the outcome is most often even better than you could have imagined. Especially if you commit to generate EXTRA GOOD feelings about the outcome. So don’t be shy, get in there and think the absolute most best feeling thoughts about every single thing in your life.

Share below! What areas of your life are you committed to ‘thinking the better feeling thought’ in?

Some ideas are…

Your body image.
Your relationship.
Your social circle.
Your career or work environment.
Politics! You get the idea.

Share below. We would all love to hear from you.

2 comments to Think the better feeling thought.

  • Great post! I have been practicing becoming Aware of my dominant thoughts. I especially tune into my body and how it feels then reflect on the thought that is creating it. What we feed grows, and what we starve dies.

    I immediately neutralize any limiting thoughts by reminding myself that I do not have to accept it and that I Am Whole and Complete Today and Forever. Perfect Spirit is within me Now and includes All that Is Good for God is good and God Is all there is.

    Thanks for this beautiful reminder and the synchronicity to attract that which I am putting out there :)

    Lovin’ You!

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