5 Key Steps to taking Self Responsibility Daily


In honor of my guest-post on Crazy Sexy Life….. I’ve put together a super cool, fun and interactive How-To teleclass for you on 5 key steps to Self Responsibility. Being granted a spot on Kris Carr’s blog was super important to me, cause she ROCKS, her blog ROCKS and cause she features some very important and powerful contributing writers in the health and wellness community, so it’s an honor to be included in their gang for sure!

Mark your calendars, set your alarms and be sure get on this call!

We all want to have a great life, filled with joy, love and happiness, but most of us do not know How-To achieve that each day. Self Responsibility is the secret, so Thursday I’ll be teaching you some simple and effective ways to stay on track in your life daily.

WHAT: *free* Group Tele-class
WHEN: This Week – Thursday – 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific – June 23
TOPIC: 5 Key Steps to taking Self Responsibility Daily

1. Wake-Up Well.

2. Give 5, Get 10.

3. Commit.

4. Realize.

5. Remember.

This Thursday will be an interactive group call – since I am super passionate about getting you to PROCESS and LEARN the RICH info – so get your pen and paper ready as you will be guided through the steps. These Self Responsibility Sessions are *free* as a thank you for being part of my community! PLUS, an exclusive offer will be shared with everyone on the call.

Be sure to register for the call (if you are not already on my list) using the sign up form here and call details will be sent to you magically through the inner workings of my wellness empire.

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Chat Thursday…

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