Are You In Deep?

When we are ‘in deep’, wether it’s because we’ve taken on a huge passion project, or because our personal world is inflamed, having someone to hold the vision of our best outcome for us is the difference that makes the difference. It always, most certainly, makes a difference in the quality of life we get to live.

In some instances, it can even mean life or death.

I heard a story yesterday that was very powerful, which exemplifies this point beautifully. A man was out windsurfing for the first time when he noticed he had drifted out too far and the waves and wind were getting quite choppy. Realizing he’d never get the board and sail turned around, he decided to abandon his gear and swim for shore. The waves were too strong now though, and he was getting pummeled and exhausted and was beginning to drown.

He began to yell for help, and as he looked to shore he noticed the only person who was witnessing him was a 5 year old boy. Not having the acumen to run and tell his parents, the child looked around and found a big stick and held it out to the man.

Seeing this, the man surrendered, found strength, and was able to swim to shore. Miraculously, having that kid stand there, holding that stick, and the vision of his best outcome, with pure intention, created the possibility for him to succeed. Because the kid could see it, he could too. It was all that he needed to be able to save himself.

Sometimes, we need others to see for us what we can’t for ourselves, and it’s in them holding that vision for us that we begin to move toward it.

When we are ‘in deep’ sometimes our instinct is to retreat away from others, and to hide our dilemma, yet this will only intensify it. It is vital to look up, reach out, connect and share where you are with a group or an individual who can hold the vision of your absolute best outcome for you, when you can’t. To me, this is one of the hightest reason for why we are all here, and it’s a beautiful example of how we are all connected and how positively we can impact one another when we connect, with purpose, in this way.

While having someone listen to your case is one thing, having a specific person, or group of people in place to take it one step further is the difference that will make the difference. Taking it one step further means getting clear on what you want to create, then sharing it to get others on board to seeing your successes – your potential – your positives.

Surrounding yourself with the right people who can do this for you is what I am ALL about. It’s also what I provide through my one-on-one sessions, as well as an integral part of my upcoming group program.

Here’s why: In addition to how we perceive ourselves and the predicaments we find ourselves in in life, we naturally gravitate toward the perceptions that others hold for us. This is pretty important cause if you constantly share your woes with others, chances are they see you as woeful and this can only create more woe for you! Ooops – something to think about… right?

Sharing your specific desired positive outcomes, in detail, with a well chosen group of like minded ‘visionaries’ will move you toward your successes, purely because others are holding that vision for you too.

Share yours with me in my comment box below: What vision can I hold for you, which by doing so, will move you closer to it?!



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6 comments to Are You In Deep?

  • I see a bright, beautiful, joyful future for myself where I’m doing what I love… working in the fashion industry with like-minded individuals who are fun and creative… but also using my immense compassion to help others and the planet while living my life on purpose and fulfilling my destiny.

    • Tancie

      Jill – amazing…..

      I too see you in a bright, beautiful, joyful future, where you are
      • doing what you love…
      • working in the fashion industry with like-minded individuals
      • who are fun and creative… ( yea! )
      • using your immense compassion to help others and the planet ( yay )
      • while living my life on purpose and fulfilling my destiny.

      … and so it is!
      xx Tancie

  • Wow Tancie! That is a powerful story and Thank You for sharing! I fully connected with your post and strongly agree that in my life, may times I did pull through was because there was someone looking up to me, or who believed in me more than I believed in myself.

    I now own my value, moreso recognize it and utilize it often. I am grateful for those in my life who do see me as my higher Self, though I do not depend on people for this anymore. However, their vision is an valuable influence and its energy helps me progress that much more efficiently.

    Lovin’ you, Darlin’!

    • Tancie

      Hey there Howard ~ you are so welcome + thanks for reading.

      Your confidence just oozes out of your words here in your comment – Love it!
      Thanks for sharing that.

      All the best to ya! xx

  • You know… i just got back from the Carribean, and what a metaphor.
    It’s so powerful to have community around to hold what you say is sacred. It’s also important to “speak” your vision to your community so that they remember it for you.
    Great post.

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