Game Changer or Asleep? And Why You Hang With Me

Got a minute – not for me, but for you?

I’m writing to you specifically about my group course over at Victim To Visionary, registration is now open and there are still spots available so please head over and check it out now.

While there, be sure to opt in to get the free 3 hour audio, which so many people had breakthroughs from on the LIVE calls just from listening in!

BUT don’t stop at the free audio – cause we both know that can only get you so far.

The real ‘gold’ always comes from a little bit more of a commitment on your part. I know that it’s pretty easy and comfortable to sign up on a website. But the life you want will not happen in what you perceive to be your ‘comfort zone’.

Rule #1: Life happens at the edge of your comfort zone.

That means…

The results that you have right now in your life are directly related to what you are willing to be responsible for. So look around your life. If you are not seeing what you want, it’s time to learn how to be responsible for more. It’s impossible to get more from life until you do.

Victim to Visoinary shows you how to happily and joyfully be responsible for more.


My coach once said to me that there are 3 kinds of people in life.

Those who are
1) in the game: pushing – stretching – reaching for and getting to have the most amazing experience of life
2) on the bench: aware of the game but are stuck in limitation, scarcity, fear and self doubt
3) asleep: have no idea there is even a game going on.

Well, today, I bring to you a new category.

4) game changers.

In today’s world it’s not enough to just be ‘in the game’. Time moves fast and people are smarter, sharper, quicker and more powerful than ever. Today, in order to succeed (or even be considered) you must become the most powerful person you know, for real.

You know that you hang with me because you are here to change the game.

Deep down, no matter what life has handed you, there is still a spot deep inside you that is intact, golden, glowing and authentic, powerful and free, and that spot knows very clearly who you are and what kind of life experience you are here to have, once you choose it.

Not only will your results from completing the Visionary course with me and my team move you from ‘on the bench’ to ‘in the game’, you’ll emerge as the ‘game changer’ and powerful leader that you’ve always known you are, in your own life, and in the lives of everyone you know.

Registration for Victim To Visionary is open.

There are still a few spots available.

Why have I not heard from you?

Yes. You.

I know you, and I know that deep down you are ready to become the most powerful person you know. You can’t afford not to.

So, right now I invite you to take that minute for youself.

Take a deep breathe, uncross your legs, put you feet on the floor and look here:

I know that you want to be in the course with us, so I ask…

what has happened in your past that still consumes your power today?
what other amazing things in life are you putting off?
why are you not jumping on this powerful experience?
what else do you want but think you can’t have? can’t afford? don’t deserve?
when will you begin to give yourself your best life?
when will ‘now’ be the right time for you?

I honestly want to know your exact responses to those questions.

If your responses to are filled with lack, limitation, scarcity and fear that is exactly why you need to hear me now, push through, and take this for yourself. I created this for you – all you have to do now is say yes, receive it, and take your life.

Can you let this be your ‘now’… ?


Rule #2: Life gives you 1000% purely, hands down, what you THINK you can have.

All you need to do to be able to participate in Visionary is to :

1) want it and think you can have it
2) say yes and take it
3) never look back

Trust me, becoming the most powerful person you know takes deep knowing, fire, motivation, and lots of soul. Visonary will permanently re-connect you to all 4. Consider Victim To Visionary a major first step along the road to your best life. There will be ‘who you were’ and ‘your life’ before, then Who You Are and Your Life now. There are still a few spots avail, which will sell out. So hurrry up!

Sign up here >

Our group kick off is set for end of May – so get in gear and get your spot today… We will be slightly flexible with the registration deadline for late comers, so contact me if you want to speak or to book your spot asap if you are IN.


GET VISIONARY: from victim mentality to VISIONARY MINDSET

Become the most powerful person you know in this 6-week group course
+ 2 weeks of Bonuses with 4 experts in the fields of personal success

valued at over $2000.oo

Offered right now, to you, for only: $750 total

That’s less than $100 per week, less than $15 per day.

$15.00 a day buys, for example
1 starbucks beverage & 1 lunch combo
or 1 cocktail if you live in NY or LA…

We’re talking about your life here. Which I hope you take more seriously than coffee and cocktails. I guarantee you, your competition has all these skills + power you’ll gain in the course and more. Step up, change your game.

Can you really not afford to join us?

If so – I”m offering a massive discount by way of Scholarship – so please apply here if you are sincere about becoming the visionary in your own life – and you’ll be sure to get in at the Scholarship rate!


Sign up here >

The course will take place over the tele and on the web, we’ll meet once a week LIVE on the calls, then will always have the option of having a second call during the week if we need it, and you will schedule your two private sessions with me so we can get the ball rolling on those as well. During our first week you will be doing your Self and Life Assessment and will be connected to your buddy for the course. All calls will be recorded for your convenience. Wanna read more…. check out all the course details here


Me! Tancie Trail – Certified NLP Practitioner
Angela Minelli – Holistic Nutrition Coach
Emily Van Horn – Somatic Trauma Resolution Therapist
Sierra Sullivan – Life & Passion Coach

If you want to chat about it, I have set aside time for you. Email me with the best number to reach you and the best day and time frame that works and I’ll call you asap.

Let’s do this!




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