Sequins, Threshold and the Genius of Lady GaGa


I hear mixed reactions to Lady G for the most part, but I personally am a full fledged fan, 1000%. Do I listen to her music on a daily basis? No. In fact I rarely listen to her stuff at all, because her music is not why I’m all in.

” Once I grabbed the reigns of my artistry, I fell in love with that more than I did with the party life”. Gaga

We all have our own version of ‘the party life’ which is the thing that keeps us distracted from fulfilling our true potential. Some times when we are looking to ‘change’ our lives, especially to evolve to the next level, resistance can come up because deep down we are attached to who we are, exactly as we are, even if it’s not what we want.

I call this moment of resistance being ‘at threshold’ because it is experiencing the ‘magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested’. apple dashboard dictionary

Lady Gaga is someone who, I believe, has beautifully navigated the threshold, stepping boldly through her precarious personal transformation with legendary grace and ease.

The true mark of a icon is one who is eccentric, untouchable and approachable all within the same breath.

During her critical moment, all the media felt entitled to an explanation, from her, of who she was. She was being interviewed constantly and I noticed she always wore (and at times still does) really dark sunglasses. She also kept her ‘self’ out of the interviews for the most part and instead crafted her responses as the persona she was creating. I recognized what she was doing on a deeper level and I was touched and impressed.

When we are closest to change, we are closest to staying the same.

She was fiercely protecting her ‘self’, being careful to not try to ‘explain’ the magnitude of her process to a world of deaf ears, yet gave enough of an explanation to satisfy the masses so they’d back off. Total personal transformation at that level brings up our deepest powers, intuitions, fears, escape routes, inner shadows, demons. It’s exposed, porous and intimate. It’s the moment when we crack wide open to let the brightest of lights shine through. I personally can not fathom having to go through that publicly. It’s literally must be like having light, as bright as the sun, shine out of you and on you all at once – no wonder she wore such dark shades!

Today, her eyes are not covered, instead she gazes blankly at us from the covers of the worlds most prestigious magazines, as if to say, ” …what? Aren’t we all capable of this?”

Bravo Gaga. Who you are reminds me…

• to fall in love with the uncontrollable ride that is my absolute highest potential

• to surround myself with a very specific and select vibration during times of change

• to embrace the complete departure from ‘self’ and ‘what is known’, when needed, to birth my particular brand of genius and artistry

• to allow my true voice to be the LOUDEST one in my head

• and to GO FOR IT, authentically, truly, madly, deeply, forever and no matter what

So if you’re someone who’s said ” Lady Gaga – I just don’t get it” in the past, maybe now you do. Let her remind you too.

“I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.” Gaga

What ever full expression is unique to you is, baby, the one you gotta do. What can you envision and create today, right now, from your self, that will allow you to be more fully expressed, and by the sheer act of doing so will inspire others to be themselves more today too?

Me – I’m just trying to change the world one VISIONARY at at time.
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How bout YOU, how would you complete the sentence?
YOU: ” I’m just trying to change the world one _____at at time.”
Leave a comment and fill in the blank to tell the world how you do you.

♥ – Tancie


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