Take A Positive ‘Body Image’ Break

My gift to you today is a reminder to take a moment to give thanks and love to your body. Take a break from your busy day & this busy holiday season with this 3 minute Positive Body Image Video.

Sitting or laying in a comfortable position – breathe deeply and allow your entire focus to center on self acceptance. Take in the images and affirmations to reinforce your already positive self & body image. After the video, become aware of one area of your body that you may be judging and take loving responsibility for it by placing you hands on that part of your body and repeating after me: I love mybody part. Mybody part is love. [ Ex. I love my belly. My belly is love. ] Really feel the sensations of warm love flowing through your mind, into your hands and into this part of your body.

This video is most effective when watched once in the morning and once in the evening – so feel free to enjoy it’s powerful message as often as you like and share with women in your life that you love who will also benefit from taking a 3 minute positive ‘body image’ break!

You’re Invited…

I currently host an ongoing bi-montly Ladies Only call series called Victim to Vixen, which is all about reclaiming the relationship to our feminine sensuality, sexuality, beauty & our receptive nature. This call series is designed to be fun, on the go girl time that covers topics that will be truly enriching and transformative.

I feature experts in the fields of…

• sensuality     • pleasure     • feminine sexuality     • radical wellness

• personal transformation    • appearance + style    •  finances

and so much more…

We also explore how maintaining a victim mentality suppresses our powerful feminine energy. We take an honest look at what this mentality is/may be costing each one of us as women, while we learn specific ways How-To shift into a more resourceful mindset on a permanent basis.

Victim to Vixen is ideal for women who are experiencing a block around their beauty, femininity, sexuality, ability to experience sensual pleasure and/or ability to earn top dollar in their careers due to a distorted perception of what they are worth as women.

The virtual group coaching format provides a safe, private environment for us to connect to, enjoy and claim our inner Vixen:the Fierce Female Fox. Get all the info and join the list here.

If you enjoy today’s post I’d love to hear from you, comment below to let me know what you think of the video, the ‘love my body’ exercise and if this was helpful to you.

Love to you today…

4 comments to Take A Positive ‘Body Image’ Break

  • Pat

    I love it Tancie, I always have some kind of chatter in my head about my body ( I guess we all women do) although when I take care of it bettter and eat fresh foods, drink lots of water I do think like that less :)

    • Tancie

      You know, it’s funny, so many of us have this super negative chatter in our heads about our bodies, and I must say that I am 1000% committed to personally practicing an evolved mentality here and to preaching about how to do it to others as well.

      I already have noticed some major shifts personally and can honestly say that I feel amazing about my body, especially when I have a few extra pounds on cause i lets me know that I am a woman who eats cake and who can relax and enjoy life. Stay tuned for a video I’m going to be releasing shortly about this, and also use this quick tip to get you started:

      Accepting every molecule of your life and body exactly as it is is the absolute most powerful thing you can consciously do to evolve. Each time you catch yourself STOP in that moment and find one thing that you LOVE about yourself to focus on.

      Let me know how it goes ; ) xoxo

  • TIffany

    Love, love, LOVE this…I plan to watch it often. The reminders are so powerful, and I love all the different types of women…so inspiring! Thank you love! xo

    • Tancie

      Thanks Sister – happy to hear you will be tuning in regularly – the messages are most effective when enjoyed on a regular basis. Love you beautiful! xoxo

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