You Are A Visionary, Aren’t You?

I believe you were born to become the most powerful person you know. I believe…


Successful people have a very specific belief system. They also have an ability to envision their lives, themselves and their futures in a way that brings their desires into reality.

” You are born to be a success, yet you are programmed to remain where you are.” _ D. Neagle

For some of us, life experiences rock our core in a way that creates mental, emotional or physical blocks. These blocks can prevent us from creating our own success. Healing at the core level is foundational in allowing us to see that all life experiences bear gifts, and lessons, no matter what the circumstances are or were. This perspective allows us to see life clearly, our selves clearly and to create a success filled future that will bring us true joy.

Successful people are the visionaries of their own lives.

In order to experience true fullfillment in our lives we must go about discovering, healing and evolving disempowered programming to allow for a permanent perspective shift / paradigm shift so we can see ourselves, others and life in an entirely new and effective way.

Imagine being free to envision the life you want to experience each day, then actually living it. There is immense power in our persepctive, because what [and how] we see life determines what we continually call into our reality.

We must see life differently to see a different life.

The difference is in our perspective. I break this down into 2 choices:

Victim mentality or Visionary Mindset

The victim mentality is always inherited from the home, life experiences and the collective consciousness. It thrives at the sub conscious level and can wreak havoc on our attempts at true personal success.

On the opposite end of that spectrum we find Visionary Mindset, which is always chosen. It’s a chosen set of empowered thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, ideas and actions that must be aligned with at the core level, committed to, then re-committed to each morning.

Many of us have had experiences in life that hinder our true expression, and that keep us feeling like a victim of circumstance. “No matter how hard I try, what book I read or what I do I just can’t seem to get ahead.” Feeling powerless to our life circumstances is the trap of victim mentality.

“When the ego is the director, the ‘victim mentality’ is its muse.”

The more that you have had to protect or defend yourself from in life, the bigger your ego can become, as a safety mechanism. That ego will then perpetuate the victim mentality to protect itself – to survive. Our job is to strengthen and power up our spirit so it overrides our ego, allowing us to drop disempowered mentality loops and move ON!

The video here helps to connect to the truth of what has been going on for you. Feelings of what has been lost or what is missing from your life experience may arise. Notice them, then take a moment to be honest with yourself about what you truly want to create in this lifetime. Know that you deserve to have that life. No one is born ‘to suffer’. It is simply not the case. Your life is entirely in your hands.



If you need help out of the mental loops and limiting blocks that prevent your from living fully, know that there is a way out of that stuck place for you. To inspire you to take action, instantly free energy from the past, to see a powerful future, to commit to doing what ever it takes, to get tools, skills, support and guidance, and most importantly to start living the life you want. Now.

Change your language = Change your life

Yes, it absolutely can be that simple. Becoming the visionary in your own life and in your community does not require years of painful processing and self analysis to one day emerge anew. It can be instantaneous. I personally use the powerful tools of NLP, amongst others, to learn to use language to cause permanent positive shifts in life.

Even if you don’t feel it or can’t see it now – know that you deserve the BEST. Your life is happening right now as you read this. THIS IS IT.

So many of us spend years stuck in lives, careers or relationships that are unfulfilling. Have you ever wondered why this is so, why we resist change? Well, it isn’t change we resist, it’s our ego’s attempt to maintain control of our lives that keeps us stuck.

A perspective shift out of the paradigm of ‘victim consciousness’ ( life is happening ‘to’ me ) and into visionary consciousness ( I create and am responsible for my entire life ) is needed to facilitate lasting change on a deep level.

Too often we attend retreats or read life-changing books, only to find months later that life-change has not taken place. Old patterns resurface, and core issues remain unresolved. We can easily embrace new concepts on a conscious level, yet lasting change at our core can only happen when we make permanent shifts to how we perceive life, ourselves and others at the subconscious level.

Many of us have grand misconceptions of what a Visionary is supposed to be, but in reality, the process of individual maturity is the Visionaries journey. We are born, raised through experiences, then are meant to take responsibility for ourselves, often needing to see things from a whole new perspective in order to successfully do so. It is in this process of taking self responsibility that we become the Visionaries of our own lives, able to think about or plan for our futures with imagination and wisdom.

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