Your 2011 Follow Up Call Recording

Thank YOU so much to everyone who joined me yesterday for my February

Self-Responsibility Session | HOT Topic: Your 2011 Follow Up

Late December I posted this video inviting readers to comment below letting me know

“If you could achieve, attain or manifest one
thing in the next 12 months, what would it be?”

I got some super great responses and some great questions that pointed to a few popular issues that we are all confronted with.

This week I was wondering how everyone was doing with their declarations or questions that they posed and because I value follow up and accountability I reached out to everyone who left a comment yesterday inviting them to this follow up call.

I wanted to know where they were at:

  • who was on track
  • who was somewhere in the middle
  • and who had not begun to scratch the surface

of what they declared they would achieve in 2011.

On this group SRS Call, my very special guests are a few of those brave souls who shared their dreams on my blog in December, and who joined the call yesterday to air + share where they are now – two months in to 2011.

For those of you who are on my mailing list who joined the LIVE call [and those who missed it] the audio recording is accessible through this link below!

If you have yet to join my list, you’ll want to do so now to be enrolled in all future complimentary group SRS as well as to receive all follow up audio recordings to use as study materials + motivation.

Your 2011 Follow Up Call Recording

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