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Such a pleasure to meet you! I am super excited to explore how we can strategically partner to bring about more change to the people and more cashflow to ourselves.




1 – NEED BLOG CONTENT ? | guest blog posts available now

Take any blog posts from my site you like and credit me at the bottom of the blog post with the following text:

Tancie Trail is a writer, speaker and certified NLP Practitioner who’s super passionate about teaching Self Responsibility in cool and refreshing ways. Her signature course, Victim To Visionary, teaches participants how to radically heal from then use their past to become the most powerful person they know. Learn more and get her free home-study goods over at

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2 – NEED A SPEAKER ? | available for live speaking engagements now

Signature Speech…
Victim To Visionary: Using Your Past To Become The Most Powerful Person You Know
Also available to speak on any of the topics below under Tancie’s Topics



Tancie’s ideal partners are in the fields of:
( if your gig is not on the list reach out anyway !)

Natural Health Professionals
Life Coaches
Career + Life Purpose Coaches
Wellness & Holistic Living Experts
Trauma + Abuse Recovery
Human Potential Movement
Business + Brand Development
Lifestyle Design
All Natural Vitamins + Supplements
Youth Awareness: Speaking to younger generations
Alternative Lifestyle Experts


Let’s Partner In The Following Ways:
Joint Ventures – let’s create a program, product or live experience together
Affiliate Links – let’s share each others’ goods with our crowds
Cross Promotion – let’s promote each others work, events, activities and blogs
Partnering for Live Calls – free or paid content calls
Tele Classes – free or paid content tele classes
Social Media Marketing Campaigns – creative contests for joint + cross promotion
Live Speaking Events – keynote or guest speaker
Weekend Retreats + Workshops – co-create or as a guest

…or suggest your favorite way!



Self Responsibility: shifting lifestyle through language, perspective, paradigm and programming
Healing: transforming victim mentality into visionary mindset *My Signature Program
NLP: Change language patterns to transform your life and achieve rapid success
Preventative Lifestyle: living daily from a disease preventative awareness
Self: taking the absolute best care of your body, mind and spirit
Food: how your entire life nourishes or malnourishes you
Money: value & wealth consciousness: what our mentality costs us daily
Love: how we connect to ourselves, our source and others in the world
Youth Awareness: Speaking to younger generations about personal empowerment



Mentors | Advisory Board | Official circle of peeps who’ve got my back and vice versa!!

Let’s discuss how we mesh. Email me anytime.

With mutual prosperity in mind,

Tancie Trail