Check Out My Dream Week + Wellness News Updates

Wow! What a dream last week was for me! Seriously, if I could have hand picked every moment of last week I would have, yet I did no planning at all and the absolute most divine week unfolded for me.

Check it out…

Monday- I had a great flight back to NY from LA where I spent 10 days living, working and playing, which was a rewarding, enlightening and magnificent experience all around. I have always wanted to enjoy a bi-coastal lifestyle and for the past year I have been doing so and lovin it!

Tuesday- I spent the evening volunteering for the Operation Warrior Wellness event at Urban Zen (love ya Donna) which is a program developed through The David Lynch Foundation to provide Transcendental Meditation to military veterans upon their return from duty.

Russell Simmons, who is very active in the wellness community, spoke to show his support for the organization, as well as to share how his own life has benefitted deeply from this form of meditation, which he practices daily as well.

Please check out the work they are doing to take the absolute best care of our soldiers, and donate to the cause if you are able to. I am soooo looking forward to getting into TM myself – as I have wanted to learn how to do this for a few years now.

Wednesday- I had an amazing lunch date with a friend who’s work I deeply admire, Ane Axford. We had a fantastic Thai lunch and great conversation about love and life and something she said stuck with me that I wanted to share was that ‘relationships are life’s largest learning environments’. This reminds me to be grateful to everyone who is in front of me, in any given moment, because wether we’ve chosen that person or it’s a stranger each one of us is a teacher to those around us. This reminds me of the constant opportunity to “Be The Change I Want To See In The World” – as there is always someone watching and learning from me/you!

Thursday- I hung with Mark Vicente and Bonnie Piesse learning all about their work in the world and what projects and passions they are up to now. Mark is the one of the thought leaders and director/producers of a powerful film called What The Bleep Do We Know, among other films, and Bonnie is a very talented actress and songstress who has made her way into the Star Wars Hall of Fame as the role of Beru Whitesun Lars – a rare opportunity for an actor. These two people are so authentic and aligned – hanging with them is just ridiculously cool and always an enriching experience.


Friday- Friday was a BIGGIE. I started the day at the NEWLIFE Yoga and Raw Foods Expo with Yogi and Visionary (pictured here) Mark Becker, covering the event with my trust camera girl in tow. We cruised through the Expo meeting amazing vendors from all over the world who are passionately creating divine products that super-charge the human body, mind and spirit. Stay tuned as I’ll be posting a video of the event in the days to come.


Friday evening, following the Expo I sauntered blissfully over to Urban Zen again, where I was in for the treat of the week! The Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers was in town, invited to NY by Donna Karan, to honor her late husband and to share these sacred grandmothers, and their sacred messages with all of us here in NYC. This evening was more powerful than words can convey, from greeting each grandmother as she came into the space, to propping her elderly feet up on the pillows as you see here in the pic, I was so fortunate to be a volunteer at this event, and enjoyed a first hand opportunity to be of service to them during the evening. Look for a follow up post in the next few days where I will share a few important messages that I absorbed from what each the grandmother shared.


Whew! What an epic week and download! This week was especially remarkable to me because my life was absolutely not always the RICH SACRED AND EXPANDED. Oh no – a little over a year ago I was living in Los Angeles, with few friends and even fewer social engagements, and the little bit I did have going on was certainly not of the sacred and exciting nature that this week was.

I have always known this type of flow was possible, and I’ve wanted to connect with amazing people and to experiences my life in the way that I am now. My life is finally unfolding the way I have always wanted it to, and it has everything to do with the principles of integrity and of Self Responsibility that I have based my work, company and message on.

All of the changes I have made and committed to in my own life are now coming in as blessings of positive personal success and flow. I am sharing all this cause #1 – I am thrilled to share such cool news and #2 – for any of you who are in a spot in your life where you can imagine a life that completely fulfills you yet are not living it. I invite you to connect with me so we can get you on track, cause now that I am on the other side of that, and see how much easier it is to live my best life, I want it for everyone else too! I now know that I am catalyst for positive change in the world and it feels AMAZING.

Get details here of how I can help you rock in your own life or email me to set up an info call with me to find out how I can support you!

Love, blessings and my best to you~ Tancie


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