The Creative Entrepreneur

I’m developing a group class for entrepreneurs, Victim to Visionary,┬áthat will focus on discovering and evolving the disempowered programming that keeps us stuck in victim mentality so we may be free to choose the life that we envision for ourselves each day.

As part of my conversation around this topic, I arranged to interview a few fantastic young women who are in the process of developing or expanding their own businesses to discuss what kind of self imposed limitations or victim mentality they have overcome in creating their dream jobs.

In this interview, designer Danielle Schwartz shares a bit about her creative process and the wake up call she got when she realized what it was literally costing her to not pursue the life she was envisioning.

Learn more about Danielle Schwartz by visiting her website Creatures of


Note: I use the term ‘victim’ not in the criminal sense necessarily, but in ‘victim to our own consciousness’ sense, which means being suppressed by the mentality that we, as individuals, subconsciously perpetuate seemingly beyond our control.

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