My Ancient Holistic Bad Ass Chill Pill

I am all for non-pharmaceutical wellness when possible – always looking for alternative remedies for any symptoms my family or I experience, and especially love to use organic foods, herbs and spices for healing.

About a year ago, at a holiday party in LA, I met a guy who knew a ton about chinese herbs. I was super excited to pick his brain cause I wanted to learn more about the power of these ancient remedies. It was holiday time, a new year was pending, and many things were stressing me out, causing me to feel a tightening sensation around my throat and chest. I was looking for a powerful natural remedy for anxiety, stress and tension – or, what I now fondly refer to as ‘my very own ancient holistic bad ass chill pill’.

As I described the symptoms I was looking to relieve, BINGO he lit up and told me about Bupleurum & Dragon Bone, which he loved, that had worked wonders for him and everyone he knew who’d used it.

I have to admit, I’m a bit radical when it comes to wellness, so the mere thought of consuming anything with the words ‘Dragon’ or ‘Bone’ in the title instantly turned me on.


I was sure this product meant business.

The next morning I found out they were mail order only, but based in downtown LA. A HA! I lived in LA at the time, and was on a mission, so called them up and convinced them to let me come right then and there to pickup a bottle. Amused at my enthusiasm, they agreed, so I hopped in my car and headed to the warehouse to get my chinese herb on.

Bupleurum & Dragon Bone is a powerfully calming anti-stress and anti-anxiety formula that is well suited for dealing with the unrelenting demands of modern life.” _ Jing Herbs

The owner of the company, who I met while there, spoke highly of this particular blend, saying “within 10 minutes of taking a dose you will notice a calming sensation come over you, and what ever bad behavior you were tempted to do will have passed.” Now that’s powerful. And I now can attest, that it is true.

That was December 2009, and I have been using these Dragon Bone babies non-stop ever since. I keep a bottle on hand at all times and I send bottles to friends and family anytime I see them going through stress that is beyond their ability to manage.

“Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency.” _Natalie Goldberg, Wild Mind

Personally, when I use these herbs, my life goes smoother, I have more patience and overall my day assumes a very nice flow. I can breathe. I am calmer, more productive, lighthearted and happier in general and while I do not use them daily, I do notice a difference on days when I do not take them.

“Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.”  _Richard Carlson

Here’s the thing… I am bringing this up to you today to point out that stress is part of modern life and it is crucial to our health that it is properly ‘managed’. Most of us have gotten so used to stress that we have lost touch with how important it is to have truly and deeply relaxing time off. Sometimes we even create stress when there is none cause it often feels more normal than being well balanced and relaxed.

This week [starting right now], take this opportunity to become more aware of when you are experiencing stress in your life. Watch how you behave around things that come up in your day, your work and your personal life. Notice what causes your body to seize up. Pay attention to how you sit in your chair at work. Notice your posture when you stand. Is your jaw clenched? What about your hands – are they in fists? How deeply are you breathing right now?

Right now: Take a deep breathe in, and try to get the air to reach all the way down to your belly button and lower back. Exhale. Inhale and repeat.

Due to our collective ‘rat race’ programming, lots of us have accepted stress and discomfort as our daily duty. I am here to remind you that it does not have to be this way, in fact accepting stress as a fact of life is the fastest way to pre-maturely and permanently age your self. Seriously. Stop it.

Through self awareness and a desire to live a healthy, relaxed and disease free life, this programming and the destructive habits that come with it can be easily released. They need to be and that is why I am taking the time to share a very supporitve tool that I have found that is 100% natural, ancient, and a bad ass holistic chill pill to boot.

Please, try a bottle – click on any of the links in this post to head over to their site, once there look up Bupleurum & Dragon Bone. If you are someone I have sent a bottle to, let me know how you’re liking them. And remember, you have to remember to take them to get the benefits! Take action now.

Stressed or stress free? What do you do to relax and unwind? I’d love to hear from you below ↓


4 comments to My Ancient Holistic Bad Ass Chill Pill

  • Stress, a common condition, is now considered a disease requiring meds! (aka Prozac, etc). Love seeing holistic alternatives that aren’t addictive or as damaging to your body :)

    • Tancie

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks for the comment – please try these out and let me know what you think – and feel free to recommend them to anyone you know too!

  • Michele

    I love your passionate and beautiful presentation of this product! I added “Bupleurum & Dragon Bone” to my herbal wish list along with Jing’s “Timeless Beauty” blend. The names alone hook ya! :) I’ll let you know how I like them! Thanks so much for sharing and being a herbal muse for me today! :)

    • Tancie

      Hi Michele – thanks for reading and writing in! Yes – the names of their products alone empower me and make me smile – how’s that for effective! Keep in touch and you are so welcome – be sure to share the wealth of this post with your friends too!! – With love, Tancie

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